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Stroke Paralysis

I suffered from a stroke three months ago. The right side of my body couldn't move. I saw Dr. Yan for acupuncture, after three months of treatments I could walk slowly. I was very excited and continued with treatments for six months and I can now take care of myself. my friends could not believe I had a stroke before. Thanks Dr.Yan



Low Back Pain

I had low back pain for a month, for which I had chiropractic and massage treatments. The pain was better, but still there. One of my friends recommended I see Dr. Yan for treatment. Dr. Yan treated me with cupping and acupuncture and after six sessions my low back pain was gone. I am very grateful to Dr. Yan.



Shoulder Blade Pain

I had a very bad pain in my right shoulder blade for more than a month. I saw a chiropractor a couple of times, but the pain was still so bad I couldn't fall asleep. I had never tried acupuncture before and was unsure of the results. I saw Dr. Yan and to my surprise, felt better after my first treatment of cupping and acupuncture. The pain was gone after five treatments. Now I'm back to my normal life.




Three months ago I caught a cold. After that I had bad vertigo for three months. It never stopped, I had an MRI and nothing was found. Someone told me to try Dr. Yan, and after one treatment I felt better. Now I'm OK. Thanks Dr. Yan.




I suffered from migraines for many years, which bothered me almost every day. I couldn't work so I quit my job. Finally I found Dr. Yan and after acupuncture treatments I'm now back to work. I really appreciate Dr.Yan's help.




I had constipation for a couple of years. It was very bad for me. My sister recommended I try Dr. Yan. After acupuncture my bowel movements became regular. Now I've been almost a year with no constipation, and am very happy. Acupuncture does work!




I had been married for 8 years and couldn't get pregnant. I was told that I had polycystic ovaries, and had two surgeries that didn't work. I went to Dr. Yan for acupuncture treatment and after two cycles I was pregnant. I now have a beautiful girl.



I have a five year old daughter. A year and a half ago I had a miscarriage, and was diagnosed with endometriosis. I had surgery and was prescribed clomid, they didn't work. Someone recommended seeing Dr. Yan for acupuncture treatment. I am now 7 months pregnant, ultrasound has shown the fetus to be normal and I am very happy.




Shannon Dunik had infertility for a couple of years. She took acupuncture treatments from Dr.Yan and now has a beautiful baby girl.


Trigeminal Neuralgia

I had a sharp pain on the left side of my face. The diagnosis was trigeminal neuralgia. I tried acupuncture from Dr. Yan. It really helped me.



Bell's Palsy

I suffered from Bell's palsy and couldn't move the left side of my face. Dr. YAn cured my face problem. I am very grateful to him.



Bipolar Depression

Bipolar depression made me very miserable. I took pills which had bad side effects. Dr. Yan treated me with acupuncture. I feel better.




I have had rosacea for a year and a half. It made me very sad and I didn't want to see my friends. I went to see Dr. Yan for shoulder pain. Dr Yan saw my face and suggested acupuncture treatments. To my surprise my face is much better now, and I'm happy and seeing my friends. I really appreciate Dr. Yan.




I suffered from psoriasis. I saw my dermatologist and was told that psoriasis was caused by stress and couldn't be cured. I went to see Dr. Yan and with a combination of acupuncture and herbs, to my surprise, my psoriasis is gone. I really appreciate Dr. Yan.




I got shingles which are a very sharp pain. Dr. Yan told me he could help me and after two acupuncture sessions the pain was much better. I continued for a total of ten sessions and am very happy my shingles have been cured.



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